CSC Travel Soccer Program Overview

Thank you for visiting CSC's Travel Soccer webpage. The CSC Travel Soccer Program is comprised of two types of teams:

  • CSC Academy: Academy teams re-set with tryouts each Spring which are conducted by CSC's Technical Department. CSC Academy teams are coached by licensed paid coaches who are employees of CSC and members of CSC's technical staff. CSC's Academy staff coaches report directly to CSC's Technical Director, J. Marcelo Gangotena. CSC Academy players participate in all of CSC's club programming (except for club summer camps). 
  • CSC Legacy: Legacy teams operate under CSC's Team Agreement. Typically, Legacy teams are coached by licensed volunteer coaches who determine their team's roster. Legacy teams are required to participate in CSC's club programming at an additional cost which is paid a la carte (pay as you go) during the seasonal year.

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