CSC Coaching Education Department Announces Early Summer 2017 E License Course-COMPLETED

USSF E License Course:

  • Friday, June 16, 2017 (7-10 PM Classroom)
  • Saturday, June 17, 2017 (Morning- Classroom; Afternoon- Field);
  • Sunday, June 18, 2017 (Morning- Classroom; Afternoon- Field).

To register for the E License course: Click Here (US Soccer website)


Please contact CSC Club TD, Marcelo Gangotena: 

Please note:

Coaching license course registration fees will be reimbursed to CSC coaches.

CSC E Licence: July 29-31, 2016- COMPLETED






CSC will be hosting a USSF E license course:

CSC E License Course (18 hours):

  • Friday, July 29, 2016 (7-10 PM Classroom)
  • Saturday, July 30, 2016 (Morning- Classroom; Afternoon- Field);
  • Sunday, July 31, 2016 (Morning- Classroom; Afternoon- Field).

For more info and to register for the E License course: Click Here (VYSA Website)

Questions? Please contact CSC Club TD, Marcelo Gangotena: 

Chantilly Soccer Club Special Event!

Parents, Coaches, & Interested Members of the Chantilly-area Soccer Community,
We are excited to invite you to a special event that we hope to make a traditional season opener here at CSC. We are honored and privileged to have secured Paul Shaw (Coaching Education Director for Virginia Youth Soccer Association) to lead a session on building a vibrant soccer club rooted in the community through volunteerism and a collaboration between coaches, parents and players. Paul is a gifted speaker, educator and leading voice on the development of quality soccer players and sportsmanship for the state of Virginia. Paul will also answer questions and cover the upcoming changes to Virginia Youth Soccer Association that are guided by US Soccer's 2015 Player Development Initiatives- most notably the switch from School Year to Birth Year age classifications. We hope you will be able to make the time to join us. 
Chantilly Soccer Club
Topics: Birth Year Age Group Change- Impacts; Building a Vibrant Soccer Club
When: Sunday, March 13, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM- 3:00 PM
Where: Chantilly Regional Library (4000 Stringfellow Rd., Chantilly, VA  20151)
Who's Invited: Coaches, Prospective Coaches, Parents of CSC players, Parents of future CSC players, and interested members of the soccer community.
Cost: Free
RSVP: Yes- to register: Click Here

CSC's 2016 Coach's Code of Conduct

Chantilly Soccer Club Code of Conduct for Coaches:

Objectives: Coaches shall perform coaching services in accordance with applicable customary industry standards and best practices to achieve the following objectives in order of priority:
A. Players' safety and health;
B. Building of players’ character through the development of sportsmanship, fair play, respect, and teamwork; 
C. Players’ long term development of soccer skills, knowledge, performance, and love of the game.


1. Coaches shall be role models and teach the values of sportsmanship, fair play, respect, and teamwork. 
2. Coaches shall teach the CSC Curriculum/US Youth Soccer Player Development Model/US Soccer 2015 Player Development initiatives to the best of their ability. 
3. Coaches shall not place winning over the safety and welfare of players.
4. Coaches shall instruct players to play within the Laws of the Game and within the spirit of the game at all times.
5. Coaches shall not seek unfair advantage by teaching gamesmanship and unsporting behavior to players.
6. Coaches shall use appropriate language at all times and not demean opponents or referees/officials.
7. Coaches shall not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco products while involved in any youth soccer activities, whether training, attending games, or officiating.
8. Coaches shall not encourage, condone, or tolerate inappropriate behavior from players.
9. Coaches shall not encourage, condone, or permit any player to violate any rules and policies of the Chantilly Soccer Club.
10. Coaches shall encourage players to reach their highest potential.
11. Coaches shall be up-to-date with CSC’s Concussion Management Policy including concussion prevention, management, and return-to-play protocols. Coaches shall direct players to seek proper medical attention for injuries and to follow instructions received from health care professionals regarding treatment and rehabilitation.


1. Coaches shall respect opponents within accordance to the Laws of Game and to the spirit of competition.
2. Coaches shall encourage fair play and not condone or permit any player to engage in conduct with the intent of causing or attempting to cause injury to an opponent.
3. Coaches shall not engage in any physical or verbal confrontation with any opposing player, coach, or supporter. Such behavior will have disciplinary consequences from the respective leagues and from CSC.


1. Coaches are required to know the Laws of the Game and shall coach in a manner that reflects the spirit of the Laws of the Game.
2 Coaches shall provide instruction to players on the meaning and application of the Laws of the Game.
3. Coaches shall accept the responsibilities of team leadership and shall be accountable- both by the respective leagues they play in and by CSC- for the conduct of the players, team officials, and spectators affiliated with their teams.


1. Coaches shall extend respect and courtesy to match and competition referees/officials.
2. Coaches shall not incite players, team officials, or spectators into conduct towards referees/officials that is contrary to the Laws of the Game and contrary to respective league policies. Such behavior will have severe disciplinary consequences from respective leagues and CSC.
3. Coaches shall not make demeaning or derogatory comments or gestures directed towards any referee/official either directly or after the fact to players or parents.
4. Coaches shall use their influence and authority to deter inappropriate conduct by parents, spectators, and players towards referee/officials and opponents.


1. Coaches shall comply with league and CSC rules and policies pertaining to registration and player recruitment.
2. Coaches shall not engage in any recruiting activity intended to move CSC Member Players to another club without express written permission of the CSC Club Technical Director or CSC Club President.
3. Coaches shall not solicit or encourage the transfer of a CSC Team to another club without express written permission of the CSC Club Technical Director or CSC Club President.
4. Coaches shall not knowingly, recklessly, or negligently misrepresent or defame programs in CSC Soccer with the intent to recruit CSC Players to another club or another team within CSC Soccer.
5. Coaches shall cease and desist from any and all recruiting activity directed toward a player upon request from the player or the player’s legal guardian.
6. Coaches shall not allow any surrogate to engage in recruiting activities prohibited by the Code of Coaching Ethics (including parents, players, friends, etc...).

Interested In Coaching Youth Soccer?

As soccer continues to grow exponentially in the United States the need for quality coaches continues to be in high demand. Opportunities abound for coaches who love the game of soccer and enjoy working with kids. For some the the pathway to coaching youth soccer can lead to a career in coaching at the club, high school, college, or even professional level. A vast majority, though, are coaches who are parents- who desire to learn about the game, how to teach the game, and spend quality time with their children. 

Where to start:

The United States Soccer Federation oversees coaching education across the country. Coaches enter a licensing and certificate process that starts at the introductory level and progresses to the highest levels of professional coaching. Introductory and intermediate instructional courses are administered by the state associations. 

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) administers coaching education in Virginia.

Licenses and certificates are awarded to candidates who complete and pass requisite courses: 

  • State or national D level license;
  • State E level license;
  • F.U.N Course (introductory coaching course): U6-U8 Module; U8-U10 Module. More info: Click Here

The National F Course can now be taken online: More Info: Click Here

Content of the licensing and certificate courses is designed as a progression through to the next level. Once candidates successfully complete the state level courses, coaches are eligible to move on to the upper levels of coaching education administered at the nation level.


VYSA program information and course schedule: Click here

US Soccer Coaching Education: Click here




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